Lightweight at the Helm by di_glossia
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Summary: Jan Werner, chemistry geek, finds himself part of a whole new world after he joins a local Crew (rowing ) team.
Rated: R/15
Categories: Slash > Killerpilze, Het > Panik Het, Slash > Panik Characters: David Bonk, Jan Werner, Jo Halbig, Juri Schewe, Mäx Schlichter, Timo Sonnenschein
Genres: angst, romance
Pairing: Jan/Frank, Jan/Juri, Jan/Mäx, Juri/LaFee, Mäx/Jo, Timo/Juri
Round: First Round
Warnings: drug use, non-explicit sex
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 36236 Read: 777
Published: Dec 17 2009 Updated: Dec 17 2009
Story Notes:
Coxswain, cox. Pronounced "cox-en," the person who commands and steers a crewed shell, coordinating the rowers through verbal commands and managing the race tactically. (

1. Lightweight at the Helm by di_glossia [Reviews - 33] starstarstarstar (36236 words)